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" Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms."   ~ George Elliot


The Cheetoh cat has an extraordinary wild look and an extremely docile and gentle nature. The Cheetoh incorporates the distinctive characteristics of both the Ocicat and the Bengal, but has its own unique attributes which includes large size, unsurpassed gentleness of character, and a wild look that otherwise can be found only in the jungle. The Cheetoh is a very muscular cat that is athletic, graceful and lithe. This cat has the stalking, low- shouldered walk that is common both in the Ocicat and the wild jungle cats, but is not typically exhibited in other domestic cats. The spotted and/or rosette appearance with the large eyes and ears, enhances this distinctive wild look. The coat of the Cheetoh, sleek and shiny, is another of its distinguishing attributes. The fur is very short and thick, yet soft and velvety and is quite similar in nature to the fur of the jungle cats. The Cheetoh, though demonstrating a very fierce appearance, is at all times an incredibly social and loving cat, never aloof or showing any tendencies towards aggressive or standoffish behavior. The males exhibit definite maternal characteristics towards kittens and younger cats, never being hostile or antagonistic, a mannerism exclusive to the Ocicat and very rarely seen in other feline breeds. The gentle and mild-mannered temperament is a dependable character trait of the Cheetoh. This cat is also extremely intelligent and curious, often demonstrating an un-feline sense of humor.


Portage, Indiana

Congratulations to "Clarence" for winning his SGC Master through TICA

(He is a kitten from "Clarence/Judy" also named Clarence.)


Member of The International Cheetoh Breeders Association


Member of the United Feline Organization

Registered Cattery, and Member, of
The International Cat Association

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